Who we are

iCliniq First is a Global Telemedicine platform dedicated to eliminating the distance patients need to travel to get quality healthcare using technology and experts. Our team consists of eminent doctors, researchers, and programmers who work tirelessly to innovate, create and implement the best web technologies for our users.

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With a commitment to the highest ethical standards, iCliniq First is now providing primary and urgent care for patients in the US. Our virtual primary services aim to provide more holistic care, which includes managing chronic conditions, issuing prescriptions/refills, and providing preventive advice. Our Clinicians are US-licensed, board-certified, experts in their field, and specially trained to provide online care.

Why choose iCliniq First

iCliniq First is a HIPAA-compliant platform. We follow strict security protocols to ensure your personal medical information remains safe and confidential.
We are available from 7 AM to 11 PM every day.
All Clinicians on the platform are licensed to practice in specific states in the US and have telemedicine experience.
Consult from any device or browser. No downloads required.
Stay informed about the visits and transactions via on-time text messages and emails.
Hassle-free refunds.
Our customer support team is available 24/7/365 to help with any non-clinical queries and issues via text and phone.

No longer do the patients need to wait weeks for an appointment or spend hours in an ER waiting room! Our on-demand service connects users to a US-licensed Clinician in their State within 30 minutes. Patients can now choose to talk to the Clinician over a video call, and for those who do not have a private space to answer a video call, we also offer Text Visits, which allow complete privacy. Getting a diagnosis, prescription, and refill on the same day from the comforts of your home is made possible now by iCliniq First. Insurance is not required, and the entire process is online.

Is the advice given by a Clinician online trustworthy? Most people wonder, but with iCliniq First, worry not! Our Clinicians are US-based and board-certified. Be confident that all our doctors are experts in their field and specially trained for online consultation. iCliniq First Clinicians believe in treating patients with respect and empathy while involving them in every step of the treatment. They also focus on educating the patients and preventing further health complications. Supporting our patients in making informed decisions about their health is what we excel at. At iCliniq First, we are all about modernizing and creating a better system for virtual primary care. Our model is built with the purpose of providing high-quality patient care with great efficiency at a competitive price. This model overrides the usual expensive and confusing healthcare system.

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iCliniq First offers its services in all states. Adhering to state-wise telemedicine guidelines and laws, some services are unavailable in certain states.

How it works

The entire consultation process is simple and hassle-free. Just answer simple questions about the symptoms and medical history before consulting the Clinician. Users can consult a Clinician immediately in the next 30 minutes, or they can schedule an appointment at a convenient time. During the appointment, our Clinician provides a diagnosis and issues a prescription/refill (if eligible). We send the prescription to the user's local pharmacy or any pharmacy of their choice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to gain recognition from its users as the best and largest telemedicine platform and to keep working tirelessly to stay there. We want our users to opt for our virtual primary/urgent care as the first step to their healthcare needs. iCliniq First strives to keep its users informed about their health issues and provide proper guidance with prevention. We want to make iCliniq First the one-stop shop for all health-related clarifications. We aim to create a unique and personalized consumer experience and work on finding new ways to make healthcare providers reach those who need medical help. The aim is to connect patients from around the world with Clinicians whenever necessary with a click of a button.

our vision

Our Mission

our mission

Our mission is to create an easily accessible and trustworthy platform for patients. No matter the geographical location, everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare on their own terms. We believe in constantly evolving and creating different services that will be the right fit for any user based on his requirements. We aim to make iCliniq First the best at what it does in terms of the quality of the service provided and the service delivery time. We want to build a platform that is the right combination between viability, desirability, and feasibility. Our mission of providing primary virtual care, including primary care, general care, urgent care, and online prescriptions/refills, is now a reality!